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Niche Marketing Examples with 2000+ Best Niche Ideas (in 2019)

Find the best niche market from 2000+ niche ideas before starting your new online business.

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Niche Ideas

A Niche Idea (or Niche Market) is needed for anyone to start a business online.

What is a Niche Market?

A niche market (idea) is a specific subset of a larger market.

In the niche market, a customer’s specific problem or problems are identified.

An example of a market is the weight loss industry which is a very competitive industry and market. All the major big brands already have a part in the market share.

A niche market is a smaller sub-market under this weight loss industry where it has less competition than the top-level main industry.

Niche Market Examples

Let’s go through some Niche Market Examples.

Fitness and Health, Self Improvement, Online Dating, Money Making Online (or Wealth Growing), and Personal Hobbies (or Interests) are five of the popular or main markets.

The sub markets under the top-level markets often are niche ideas suitable for niche markets.

Let’s look at the Self Improvement market and break down into different niches:

Confidence improvement – As an example, men need to build up their self confidence when wanting to meet and get a girlfriend.

Public speaking – An introvert person who needs to express his business or technical ideas to other people in a conference with over 100 people listening.

Stress management – A example is people with high blood pressure need to manage their stress level.

Language learning – White-collar persons who are to relocate (by their companies) and work in foreign countries. They must learn to speak the foreign languages of those countries e.g. Spanish, Chinese.

Find the Niche Market

The problem is that many websites (more than 50%) are trying to appeal to everyone and hoping anyone listening to them. These websites are too broad and too generic in terms of what they are covering.

The websites end up producing too much noise and offering too little value.

That’s why to find a niche, you need to drill down i.e. Get to the audience base of smaller size.

This allows you to compete with fewer direct competitors and reach your target (or niche) audience much quicker.

To find the niche market that you’re going to work on for the next few years, follow the 4-level approach.

Level 1 – Industry e.g. Self improvement

Level 2 – Market – e.g. Confidence improvement

Level 3 – Person e.g. An introvet 25 year old male

Level 4 – Reason e.g. Want to get a girlfriend

Your online business needs to make money to survive in long term. But how to make money from the niche of your choice?

Passion gets people to spend money. An example is where people take part in a hobby that they love. Such hobby can be playing online games. Some gamers spend a lot of time addicted playing certain specific games online with friends and/or other gamers online.

To get a problem solved or achieve a goal, people spend money. A gamer’s goal may be to win the game or beat other gamers. Most online games (nowadays mostly played through mobile phones) are free. But for gamers who want to advance to higher levels and beat all other gamers in that same game, they would have to “purchase” upgrade items in the game.

Set Up Your Website

Register a domain name and buy a web hosting for your website. You can do this through Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground, etc.

Design a logo. You can design the logo. Or you can get a freelancer (or designer) to do it. Find a designer from, Fiverr, Envato Studio, etc.

You need a website. You can choose one of the many website builders including WordPress or Shopify.

If you are blogging about a specific product or multiple products in a niche and are earning through affiliate programs, you need a blog and may simple go for WordPress.

If you are to sell physical products, whether it is your own products or other suppliers’ products, you need to set up an ecommerce site with such as Shopify.

Website Marketing

Let’s break down marketing of your website into three actionable strategies:

Get Web Traffic

The first step is to know where to get visitors for your website. i.e. The traffic sources.

But you should first figure out how to get free traffic to your website. Find out more than 200 free traffic sources where you may get traffic for your new website.

List Building

Getting visitors onto your website isn’t enough. You need your visitors to take action.

For an eCommerce site, you want visitors to buy your products.

For a web application, you want users to sign up and use your web application.

Visitors don’t usually end up buying or signing up the first time they visit your website.

That’s why you need to capture your visitors’ emails and build an email list.

Find out 31 methods of list building.

Marketing Automation

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns – It may not be easy to get visitors onto your website in the first place.

The best strategy is to improve on how your website keeps the visitors.

By improving how your visitors interact and engage on your website, you’ll improve the conversion rate, reduce the bounce rate, and reduce the cart abandonment rate of your website.

Apply some of the 15 marketing automation strategies on your website to improve conversion rate and reduce cart abandonments.

Niche Marketing Examples

Both videos shown below are from a Free Traffic Sources video series where they demonstrate niche examples.

One niche marketing example:

In this video, it explains how two WeChat groups with over 750 people were built for the Google Analytics Book.

The groups have become places where the WeChat group owner and moderators can market the Google Analytics Book and demonstrate their expertise in Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and Web Analytics.

Another niche marketing example:

This is a Youtube video channel managed by a single person who is passionate and talk about football strategies and football match analysis in Hong Kong Cantonese language.

In the video, it also explains the methods for Youtube video marketing.

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